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Take your relationships to the next level

Never lose another contact.

Your Advantages

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Your counterpart can easily safe your contact details.

Efficient data exchange

With just a few clicks, your contact can download your information and save it to their phone straightaway.

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Never lose contact information again.

Comprehensive contact history

View and edit the information of your newly made contacts.

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No need to manually transfer contact details.

Automated lead transfer to your CRM

Push all information to your CRM to maintain a single source of truth.

Accelerate your relationship building and keep track of your new contacts.

Leave a memorable first impression with a WOW-effect.

Stand out from the mass with your reusable NFC-card. Your contact will never get lost among the other business cards and your counterpart will easily remember you.

Your counterpart can download your details directly from the platform.

Make contacting you as easy as possible. With contactify, there is no need to manually enter contact details anymore. Let your counterpart download your information directly from your digital business card and save it to their contacts on their phone or to Outlook.

Share additional information about you and your company.

Include social media links, links to your website or blog, and documents, such as white papers or reports. That way, your counterpart can get a comprehensive overview and find relevant data immediately.

Share your digital business card anytime, anywhere.

There are many different possibilities to share your digital business card. You can either share your link for example in an online meeting, integrate it into your email signature, or let your counterpart scan your QR-code, either from your phone or your physical card, or let them tap your NFC-card with their phone.

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