One digital business card - unlimited opportunities

The platform for efficient data exchange and optimized contact management

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Stand out from your competitors and position yourself as a digital leader

Save your contacts with just one tap

Tap and share your contact details, gather leads and manage your data using the Contactify CRM platform
No contact will ever be lost again.

CRM Integration

All contacts that you make via the digital business card are automatically saved in the CRM. This gives you an overview of your entire network.

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Every employee is a brand amabassador.

Consistent Branding

Every employee of yours has the same digital business card. This ensures that the brand image is uniform and modern to the outside world.

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Be sustainable as a company and put an end to the eternal ordering of business cards - Changes can easily be made digitally.

The last business card you will ever need.

Present yourself as a digital, innovative and sustainable leader to customers, employees and partners – all while optimizing your contact management processes.

Join over 30.000 happy customers

How does it work?

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Create your digital business card

Your link serves as point of contact for your counterpart. Share it with just a tap on the phone or quickly let them scan your QR-code. Share all kinds of relevant information with them and enrich the conversation on the spot.

A speech bubble with a heart, representing a brand

Share your digital business card

With the digital business cards your brand image is consistent across all employees. In this Way, every employee of yours becomes a brand ambassador and leaves a memorable and unique impression.

Manage your data in our Contactify hub

Share all kinds of relevant content at each step of the customer journey, for example contact information, videos, presentations and documents, meeting minutes, invoices, reporting and so much more.

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Success Stories

Beyond Gravity chose an all-digital business card solution for everyone at their company because they take their startup mindset and innovation focus seriously, are committed to reducing their carbon footprint, and recognize digitization as one of the key pillars of their strategy.
The digital business card offers SWICA employees a platform to present themselves and SWICA. All relevant information is visible at a glance and contact data can be saved directly. To share the digital business card with business partners or customers, SWICA uses an NFC card.
Time is the raw material to turn good ideas into great projects. Through implementing digital business cards, UMB did not just create time for its customers but allowed each of its employees to share their contact details more efficiently whilst at the same time leaving an innovative and forward-thinking impression.

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