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Make your brand stand out and keep your brand appearance consistent.

Control the first impression of your brand.

Your Advantages

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Determine the design of your physical and digital business cards.

Full control over the brand

In the Company Portal, you can change the design of the digital business cards and upload or design the physical business cards for your company.

Ensure a uniform appearance to the outside world.

Consistent branding

The business cards of every employee in your organization are consistent with your design. Employees can change their data, but not the design.

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Generate unique interactions, that make your brand memorable.

Positioning as digital leader

With this digital solution, your employees will act as brand ambassadors and position your brand as digital leader. The WOW-effect will let people remember your brand.

Let your employees become your brand ambassadors.

Customize the digital business card.

Add your logo and brand color in the Company Portal and let the digital business cards of your employees shine in the light of your brand.

Control all settings in one central hub.

The Company Portal gives you full control. Here, you can not only influence the looks of the digital business cards, but also upload or create a design for your physical cards. Furthermore you can specify which kind of information employees can add in the User Portal. In this way, you can keep control over the information shared and preserve your professional brand image.

Leave a memorable first impression with a WOW-effect.

Stand out from the mass with a reusable NFC-card. Your counterpart will easily remember you and your brand.

Position your brand as a digital leader.

Be one of the first ones to leverage on enhanced digital interactions and show the world that your brand is ready for the future.

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