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Enable your employees while keeping complexity low.

Get rid of duplicate work once and for all.

Your Advantages

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Keep it simple with one single source of truth

Automatic data reconciliation

Connect contactify with your HR software to minimize your administrative efforts. Employee data will  be updated automatically.

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Employees order Replacement cards independently.

Decentral order process

If a card is lost or a printed variable changes, the order process is easily managed in the User Portal. At the same time, administrators can order cards for single employeeor multiple employees in the Company Portal.

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Stay in control of the employees' data.

Keep track of your users

In the Company Portal, you have a searchable overview over all users. You can view and edit their details and specify which information they can adapt in the User Portal.

Reduced manual work meets maximum individualization.

Employee data will be updated automatically.

No matter whether an employee gets a new position or phone number, when you connect contactify to your HR software, the data on the digital business card will be updated automatically. No need to make manual changes and keep various sources up to date.

Enable your employees to enter additional information independently.

The digital business card can hold much more information than just phone number and email address. Let your employees add their information in the User Portal. You can restrict which input fields employees are allowed to edit and thus retail full control.

Provide new employees with a unique, high-quality physical business card.

As soon as new employees are entered in your HR system, which is connected to contactify, business cards can be ordered automatically. This way, they will receive their reusable business cards on the very first day.

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