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Young, hungry, and ready to change the world of Networking.

We facilitate sustainable, meaningful and professional relationships.

Our mission

Who we are

Are you ready to experience the future of networking?
We are the number one partner for integrated and automated contact data transfer and efficient contact management.
Our mission is to digitize and automate the exchange of contact information with your business partners. By simply tapping a phone to your new business card or scanning your QR-code, others can see your digital business card and instantly save your contact information. In this way you can be sure your data never gets lost in the flood of paper business cards.
Good for the environment, good for your business, good for you.
Our Path

Our Story

Founded in 2020 – in the middle of the pandemic.

Where we come from

Founded in 2020 by HSG and ETH students, contactify was born with a vision to modernize networking and make it more efficient for both large and small businesses. During the first COVID-19 lockdown in Switzerland, we became increasingly aware of the importance of interpersonal interactions and the lack of innovations in the office supplies market. For this reason, we were eager to find a solution through which face-to-face interactions could be made contactless and efficient, and move them to the web. With contactify, we took particular account of the changing demands for digital efficiency and hygienic protection aspects.
As a result of our development process, we launched the contactify platform with the contactify card as the platform key.

Launching our new platform one year after our first product.

Where we are today

For over six months we have been developing our new, improved product, which enables companies to steer their brand while easily managing their contacts and employees. This software is unique in the market, as it gives full control to companies, rather than individual users.

Here are some more achievements:

  • We acquired over 50 customers with more than 10.000 users on our platform.
  • More than 90.000 contact transfers were handeled using our platform.
  • The team grew from 3 to 7 employees.
  • We completed our first financing round.
  • We won several major corporate customers.
Becoming the standard for contact transfers and management.

Where we want to go

We are constantly searching for ways to develop our product further and solve additional pain points of our customers. We plan to implement an email signature software and further expand the capabilities of our contact management. Our goal is to incorporate AI to automatically enrich new contacts.

Moreover, we plan to expand our business to other European countries and we strive to grow our team to be able to provide high-quality tools to make data transfer and contact management more efficient and scalable.

Meet the team

Jeniffer Lima Graf


David Sager

Co-founder & Coo

Lars Sager

Co-Founder & CEO

Erinna Kitzig


Ananda Lee

Co-founder & Legal advisor

Alicia Fullin

Working student Business development

Nicolas Da Mutten

Lead Software Architect

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Meet the Advisory Board

Together with the Advisory Board, we continuously align our strategy according to market demand. Furthermore, our advisory board helps us to overcome critical phases and answer difficult question by making use of their knowledge and experience.

Peter Fischer

Managing Director Elevron

Thomas Schoch

VR Competec Group

Andri Silberschmidt

Nationalrat fdp
Co-Founder Kaisin AG

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